Been keeping your worries to yourself?

People start to HEAL the moment they feel HEARD.

All 40-min video, voice or text chats with a HEAR BUD is absolutely FREE

Watch what it's like 
to speak to a Hear Bud.

It All Starts Hear (IASH) is a platform where you can share your struggles without any fear of judgment.

Our HEAR BUDS seek first to listen & understand. Then we walk with you through your path ahead.

Your Confidentiality is safe with us.

You only need to share your

Nickname & Email.

Only your Hear Bud & 

Admin sees those details.

Your Hear Bud will NEVER share anything that connects back to You!

What people have said about our Hear Buds

"Thank you (Hear Bud) for making me feel less alone!"

Female, 30s

"My Hear Bud was also open to sharing her experiences with me, which made me feel like I wasn't alone in facing such a situation."

Female, 20s

"Days after the session, whenever I feel down, I’ll still think back to all the encouraging things my HEAR BUD had said to me and encourage myself the same way as well!"

Female, 20s

"My Hear Bud created a safe and welcoming space for me to share."

Female, 20s

"Thanks so much for listening to me! I'm going to continue to keep trying to accept who I am."

Male, 30s

"I've been feeling depressed for the last 4 months but felt motivated and hopeful after talking. My Hear Bud helped me to understand why I was feeling so lost."

Female, 20s

"My hear bud helped to validate and affirm my feelings!"

Female, 20s

"My Hear Bud is really empathetic and provides good suggestions and tips to cope with my struggles. Appreciate it very much.."

Female, 20s

Image by Lucas Ludwig

Watch some of our Hear Buds :)

Updates & Announvements

11th Dec 2021:
We launched a Youtube Channel!


18th Nov 2021:
We are supported by the Government!

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A Community-based Ground-Up Initiative proudly supported by: 


If you're after more formal counselling and therapy sessions, we can link you up with Counselling Trainees who are fulfilling their practicum hours. Don't worry, they are under clinical supervision and are very capable to help.

Enquire here.

Instagram _ _tobi_iam_Any donations would be appreciated! Paypal - https___paypal_edited.j

Feeling stuck in your career?


 are happy to be your friendly, personal mentor. 

Our CAREER GUIDES can guide on the following:

Being an Entrepreneur.

Career Roadmaps.

Career Progression.

An ongoing friendly Mentor.

Navigating Life.

Work-life balance.

What people have said.

"I just finished my first session with (Career Guide). 

It is a really fruitful session to get another perspective on my career issues. 

(Career Guide) is such a great guy. a very big hearted human being. I am so grateful for his presence. 

I will book more appointments with him in the near future.

Thank You It All Starts Hear.SG!" 

We're now on Discord.


Visit our co-created server Come Hear.SG

Our Initiatives.



"A Labelled Life"

A mental health podcast on living with Mental Illness.

Image by Rhendi Rukmana



Finding partnerships with all the mental health communities out there!



"Come Hear SG"

Creating a safe, online community on Discord for Singaporeans to share and be vulnerable.

Image by Prado


"We Hear U2"

(Coming soon) Listening in on the struggles of Migrant workers.



"Embracing You"

Partnering with Embracingyou.SG to bring you a podcast on Self-care.

Image by National Cancer Institute



matter too"

Coming soon.


It all started with a bunch of Singaporeans who went through their own struggles in life. At times, they found it difficult to find someone they could really talk to.

They came together wanting to make a real change in our society - to create a community of people, who are willing to hear, listen, understand, and accept anyone and anything they wish to talk about and share.


So basically...

It All Starts Hear!

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